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Happiness Is... - Godfrey Hirsch and His Vibes - Coral Records

Happiness Is... Godfrey Hirsch and His Vibes
Featuring Pete Fountain

1966 Coral CRL 757489 Stereo / CRL 57489 Mono

Side One
1. Happiness Is
2. So Nice
3. Hanky Panky
4. What's New Pussycat?
From The Charles K. Feldman Production "What's New Pussycat?"
5. Flamingo
6. Juno

Side Two
1. Whispering
2. Born Free
From The Columbia Picture "Born Free"
3. Lara's Theme From Dr. Zhivago From The Mgm Picture "Dr. Zhlvago"
4. What Now My Love
5. Strangers In The Night
A Theme From The Universal Picture "A Man Could Get Killed"
6. Summertime

Liner Notes:

Produced By Charles "Bud" Dant
Cover Photo By Hal Buksbaum

Godfrey Hirsch - Vibes
Pete Fountain - Clarinet
Stan Wrightsman - Piano
Morty Corb - Bass
Al Hendrickson - Guitar
Jack Sperling - Drums

The instrument, used on this Album is the "Musser Century Vibe" used exclusively by Godfrey Hirsch.

It is with a great deal of pleasure that we bring you this HAPPINESS IS album by the inimitable vibist from New Orleans, Godfrey Hirsch. The instrumentals packaged here kick along at a delightful pace, from the opening four bars of the title tune to the final eight of Summertime.

Beginning with Happiness Is, Godfrey settles into a swingin' groove, and then bounces into So Nice, backed by the excellent guitar solos of Al Hendrickson, with Jack Sperling laying down a good beat on drums.

What's New Pussycat? gets a brand new treatment by the group, and if Stan Wrightsman's funky piano doesn't make you happy, nothing can. Time out for a little Hanky Panky, with Morty Corb on bass, backing up Godfrey's flamboyant vibes for some fun and games with this one.

A good standard at any time, Flamingo has been given a new look - an old friend in modern dress. An imposing newcomer, Juno, written by Godfrey with Charles "Bud" Dant, comes in for exciting treatment, completing Side I.

Whispering and Summertime, the first and last numbers, respectively, on Side II, are two more of the great standards that Godfrey's fans call for when he's playing with Pete Fountain at Pete's Place in New Orleans.

Recent hit movies have provided some marvelous material for the mellow vibes of our talented artist, and the group gets together here for a bow to three of them, Born Free, Lara's Theme From Dr. Zhivago and Strangers In The Night, from "A Man Could Get Killed."

What Now My Love...and what more could you want besides another helping of musical improvisation by Godfrey Hirsch? Happiness Is...Godfrey Hirsch!

- Margaret Linn

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