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The Basin Street Six - Rebel Rhythms - Mercury Records

The Basin Street Six - Rebel Rhythms
featuring Pete Fountain

1952 Mercury Records EP-1-3115 Mono 7" EP

Side A:
1. Tin Roof Blues
2. When It's Sleepy Time Down South

Side B:
1. Muskrat Ramble
2. Margie

Liner Notes:

George Girard (trumpet,vocals)
Joe Rotis (trombone)
Pete Fountain (clarinet)
Roy Zimmerman (piano)
Bunny Franks (bass)
Charlie Duke (drums)

Recording Dates New Orleans August and November 1950, Chicago September 19, 1951 Record released March 1952

In this Extended Playing album Mercury presents a genuine treat for jazz lovers in a sampling of the Dixieland which has brought quick fame to the Basin Street Six, a group of young musicians which Mercury believes is destined to become a legend in the jazz field. Jazz connoisseurs of long standing aver that this brand of music has not been heard since the days of the fabulous New Orleans Rhythm Kings. who remain, after many years, the criterion for excellence.

It is not by accident that the Basin Street Six has been compared to the New
Orleans Rhythm Kings. Like their great predecessors, the Basin Street Six came from New Orleans to Chicago and immediately created a sensation at such spots as Jazz Ltd. and the Blue Note. Their youth, vigor and obvious joy and talent in the music they play has brought them a fanatical following. In 21 year old George Girard on trumpet they have one of the most promising jass musicians to come along since the immortal Biz. The others, Pete Fountain on clarinet, Joe Rotis on trombone, Roy Zimmerman on piano, Charlie Duke on drums and Bunny Frank on bass, form a combination with Gerard that is the talk of the jazz world.

The four selections offered here are among the choicest in the Basin Street Six's rapidly expanding repertoire. You'll enjoy "Margie," with vocal by Girard, played as we doubt you've ever heard it played before. Then there's Louis Armstrong's old theme, "Sleepy Time Down South," played tenderly yet with amazing variations which will leave you breathless with awe at their musicianship. "Muskrat Ramble" is a gay romp, played with all the buoyancy and bounce this jazz standard calls for. "Tin Roof Blues" is a delight to anyone who appreciates authentic Dixieland.

Here, then. is the Basin Street Six, a young but musically mature group which has been called "the reincarnation of one of the first great jazz bands, the New Orleans Rhythm Kings."

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