Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Early Years - Music Masters

Pete Fountain TV Special - The Early Years

1970 Music Masters MM GS 1012-1013

Side One
1. Bugle Call Rag
2. Silver Dollar Blues
3. Moanin' Low
4. Sensation Rag
5. Jazz Me Blues
6. That's A Plenty
7. Margie
8. Up A Lazy River
9. Mahogany Hall Stomp

Side Two
1. South Rampart Street Parade
2. St. James Infirmary Blues
3. When The Saints Go Marching In
4. Creole Cookin'
5. Mumbo Gumbo
6. High Society
7. The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
8. Lonesome Trails
9. Farewell Blues

Liner Notes:

Pete Fountain TV Special - The Early Years

Project Co-ordination by Vince J. Rundus
Released by Music Masters, ltd. Charlotte, N.C. 28211
Future Sound Marketing Distributors For Albums, Tapes, Films 1-800-251-3550

I couldn't locate any real information on this LP. It's billed as a TV Special, not a special (as in an Elvis TV special) as in a TV show that Pete performed in, but as an album offered on TV, featuring his Early Years. The cover is a golden textured foil like material, with a drawing of Pete by artist Terri Lee. There are no credits or liner notes. It's a real budget offering. It is a collection of material, early Pete, some live, all in surprisingly good listening quality. Pete wails very nicely and the trumpet player is really good. (It's not Hirt or Frank Assunto, sounds like George Girard) In fact, I compared the tracks and they are from the Basin Street Six sessions. To get 18 tracks on a vinyl LP is rare, so it would be considered a good value. I couldn't find anything about Music Masters Ltd or Future Sound Marketing, so who knows the legitimacy of this recording, if royalties were paid or if it was approved by Pete Fountain. 10 of these tracks appear on the CD Down On Rampart Street, 1993 Quicksilver Label (now out of print) If anyone has information on this compilation, please leave a comment.

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