Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dr. Fountain's Magical Licorice Stick Remedy For The Blues - Coral Records

Dr. Fountain's Magical Licorice Stick Remedy For The Blues

1970 Coral Records CRL 757513 Stereo / 57513 Mono

Side 1
1. Doctor Fountain's Magical Licorice Stick Remedy For The Blues
2. Mississippi
3. Bridge Over Troubled Water
4. Licorice Stick Rag
5. Somewhere
6. Sulpher And Molasses

Side 2
1. Everything Is Beautiful
2. I'm In Love With New Orleans
3. Applause
4. Passport To The Future
5. Hey Mr. Sun

Liner Notes:


A remarkable formula developed by Dr. Fountain, which combines the heart of the rare licorice stick in a mixture guaranteed to cure the ague, stop the shakes, revoke the rattles, dismiss warts and other peculiar skin eruptions, banish freckles, stop cranky backs from aching, and have a definitely salutary effect on hangnails, fever blisters, and the gout.

This patented remedy must be taken internally. If rubbed on or merely inhaled, it will not have a lasting effect. It must get in-side you !

Give it a chance, and it will.

No longer will you suffer from dyspepsia, sciatica, migraine headache, dilated nostrils, furrowed brows, loss of breath and/or cankers of the cheek and tongue. Forget forever the fidgety feet, quivering fingers, sweating palms, stiff elbows, bowed legs or knocked knees. Kiss your truss goodbye!

Dr. Fountain, who has spent a bearded lifetime among the friendly savages in the mystical city of New Orleans, has learned all their magical secrets and has mixed them into this healing, heady brew.


Take in large doses at least once a day for a week.

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  1. Nice album - As a matter of fact I was just listening to "Everything is Beautiful" right now!