Sunday, June 3, 2007

Pete Fountain & New Orleans All Stars - International Award Series

Pete Fountain & New Orleans All Stars

1966 International Award Series AKS-252 Stereo AK-252 Mono

Split between Dixieland legend Pete Fountain and the New Orleans All Stars. Side one features a live track from Fountain.

Side One
1. South Rampart Street Parade (Pete Fountain)
2. Sensation Rag (Pete Fountain)
3. Sunset in Paradise (New Orleans All Stars)
4. In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree (New Orleans All Stars)
5. Bayou Blues (New Orleans All Stars)

Side Two
1. Jazz Me Blues (Pete Fountain)
2. Bugle Call Rag (Pete Fountain)
3. St. James Infirmary (New Orleans All Stars)
4. When the Saints Go Marching In (New Orleans All Stars)

Liner Notes:

Yet another budget-label collection from Pickwick, released with a different cover. Same record as 1962 Pickwick International Design Label SDLP-182. Pickwick International owned a slew of budget labels, including Design Records, Bravo, International Award, Hurrah, and Grand Prix. They also had releases on the Sears label. By 1965, Bravo had been discontinued, but International Award, Design, Hurrah, and Grand Prix were all going strong. Upon closer inspection, part of the reason all three had such a large catalog was that Pickwick was often issuing the exact same album on the different labels, but with different covers and attributed to different artists! Many of the albums listed in the Design Records discography met that fate. Of course, if the artists, like Pete Fountain were well known, the names were consistent from label to label, but for those generic bands, orchestras, and singers, they may be Norman Roye today and Merlin tomorrow.

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