Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Dukes Of Dixieland Featuring Pete Fountain - RCA Records

The Dukes Of Dixieland Featuring Pete Fountain

1961 RCA Records LSP-2097(e) Stereo / LSM-2097 Mono

My favorite Pete Fountain album. Pete really dominates the recordings with his incredible, high powered, bluesy solos. This isn't the easy listening stuff he does on the Coral LPs. It is raw, Pete at his best, Dixieland jazz style playing. The solos on these recordings are what you think of when you want to hear blazing Dixieland jazz at it's best. I never get tired hearing these tunes over and over - David Mekalian

Side One
1. At the Jazz Band Ball
2. Beale Street Blues
3. Muskrat Ramble
4. Blue Prelude
5. That's A-Plenty
6. Original Dixieland One-Step

Side Two
1. Panama
2. Wolverine Blues
3. Fidgety Feet
4. Tin Roof Blues
5. Tiger Rag
6. When the Saints Come Marching In

Liner Notes:

The Dukes Of Dixieland Featuring Pete Fountain

Trumpet: Frankie Assunto
Trombone: Freddie Assunto
Clarinet: Pete Fountain
Piano: Artie Seelig
Bass: Bill Potter
Drums: Roger Johnston

The Dukes of Dixieland obviously get a tremendous wallop out of music-making. They have always been able to kick into the ensembles like the liner United States plowing into twenty-foot waves. But it was during the time that they were spark-plugged by the hard-driving, albeit soulful and expressive, clarinet of Pete Fountain that they were in their peak form. Here are The Dukes as they were heard during their finest period - the era when their unbeatable combination of great enthusiasm and enormous ability made theirs one of the truly fine jazz groups of all time.

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