Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Pete Fountain! - Teri Galleries, LTD. - Fine Art in Metairie, Louisiana

Happy Birthday Pete Fountain!
Artwork by Jim Tweedy
Teri Galleries, LTD. - Fine Art in Metairie, Louisiana

Teri Galleries is celebrating the 79th birthday of their long time friend, Pete Fountain. Pete has been a huge part of what makes New Orleans so unique and his music has touched so many throughout his long career. Celebrate with us by purchasing one of the pieces that Pete's music inspired.

The embellished giclee' "Pete Fountain" by Louisiana artist Matt Litchliter captures that indelible spirit that is Pete Fountain as he plays during Mardi Gras and the during the procession of the Half Fast Walking Club. The series of original paintings done by another Louisiana artist, Jim Tweedy, have also been inspired by Pete Fountain. These pieces, both original and giclee's, show Pete's love of life and music in these fun representations.

These pieces as well as Litchliter's piece have been co-signed by Pete Fountain. If interested in either piece please contact Teri Galleries at 504-887-8588,1-800-533-8374 or via email at

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