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American Airlines Music Programs - AstroStereo Records

American Airlines AstroStereo Music Programs
(December 1964 - mid 70's)
Featuring Pete Fountain

Note, the covers were not scanned in by me, the quality is what it is until I get the originals to scan in.

Liner Notes:

American Airlines AstroStereo Music Programs (December 1964 - mid 70's)

Produced as a continuous 3 hour program on standard 4/track open reel tapes that played stereo each direction at 3-3/4 ips.

Tapes were changed each month and sold for home use after the current flight month for an AstroNomical price of $23.95 each As the program guide says, "Tapes are reproduced at 3-3/4 ips on standard 7" reels, suitable for all 4-track recorders. Beautifully packaged in standard-size tape boxes to fit home tape libraries." The art work for the album covers seems to have been generated by American Airlines own advertising agency as it was the same pictures for both the classical and popular program tapes for a given month.

Program Number 15
Flight Date 2/66
DECCA/CORAL (67 tracks) Brenda Lee, Burl Ives, Kingston Trio, Xavier Cugat Orch, Peter Duchin Carmen Cavallaro, Pete Fountain, Jonah Jones, Rick Nelson play tribute to the 1950's

Program Number 30
Flight Date 5/67
DECCA/CORAL (66 tracks) Leroy Anderson, Peter Duchin Orch., Pete Fountain, Earl Grant, Mimi Hines, Burl Ives, Jonah Jones Quartet, Bert Kaimfert Orch., Sammy Kaye Orch, Brenda Lee, Bobbi Martin, Freddy Martin Orch., Robert Maxwell, Rick Nelson, and the Stratford Strings

Program Number 41
Flight Date 4/68
DECCA/CORAL (61 tracks) Brenda Lee, Sammy Kaye, Bert Kaempfert, Freddy Martin, Rafael Mendez, Trumpets Ole, Earl Grant, Pete Fountain, George Feyer, Peter Duchin, Lenny Dee, Carmen Cavallaro, Vincent Bell, Laurindo Almeida.

Program Number 54
Flight Date 5/69
DECCA/CORAL (60 tracks) pix Brenda Lee, Pete Fountain, Shirley MacLaine, Carmen Cavallaro, Clebanoff Strings, Lenny Dee, Peter Duchin, Earl Grant, Irish Rovers, Bert Kaempfert & Sammy Kay

Program Number 66
Flight Date 5/70
DECCA/CORAL/MCA (65 tracks) pix Carmen Cavallaro, Cuff Links, Pete Fountain, Earl Grant, Bert Kaempfert, Sammy Kaye Orchestra, Brenda Lee...

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