Thursday, October 4, 2007

Louis Armstrong and his Heavenly All-Star Band Mural - Memorabilia

Louis Armstrong & his Heavenly All-Star Band
"What you Loose on Earth Shall Be Lossed in Heaven"
Mural by
Richard Cornelius Thomas
Displayed at the MSY Int. Airport in New Orleans, LA

The tourist booklet explainging the mural. Click to enlarge
Below, close-Ups of the Pete Fountain section taken at the airport
(his buddy Al Hirt is with him here)

Located in the Central (Parabola) Lobby, south end at the Louis Armstrong International Airport (MSY), New Orleans, LA

In celebration of New Orleans' musical ambassador Louis Armstrong, artist Richard Cornelius Thomas created a vibrant jazz mural, Louis Armstrong and his Heavenly All-Star Band, that is a tribute to the New Orleans musicians and their legendary colleagues who created jazz, shaped it, made it a living art form and are still a part of its evolving development.

The images on the mural, which measure 28 feet by 41 feet, are presented in a stage setting, as Armstrong gathers his ultimate ensemble players to perform in this great "Jam Session." Thomas has subtitled the mural, What you Loose on Earth Shall Be Lossed in Heaven.

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