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I Love Paris - Coral Records

I Love Paris
Pete Fountain Plays the Sweetest French Melodies

1962 Coral Records CRL 757378 Stereo / CRL 57378 Mono

Side 1
1. I Love Paris
2. Comme Ci, Comme Ca (Clopin, Clopant)
3. Frere Jazz
4. Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes)
5. La Vie En Rose
6. April in Paris

Side 2
1. C'est Magnifique
2. Two Loves Have I (J'ai Deux Amours)
3. C'est Ci Bon (Its Been Good)
4. The Song from Moulin Rouge (Where is Your Heart)
5. Tout De Suite
6. My Man (Mon Homme)

Liner Notes:

with Charles Bud Dant and His Orchestra

'WAY DOWN UPON THE SEINE RIVER' could easily be the sub-title of this
most beautiful, imaginative and subtly-swinging album of our best-loved French melodies. Pete Fountain, the Pied Piper of the French Quarter in New Orleans, takes you to the heart of France and romance, without ever leaving his beloved Bourbon Street. The exciting combination of Pete's clarinet tone and melodic-jazz style, coupled with his swinging rhythm-section and string orchestra, will make you understand what Pete means when he says "I LOVE PARIS".

Consider for a moment the ingredients that were used to create this most unusual and exciting of all Fountain albums. The basic idea of having Pete record something different from his usual New Orleans jazz tunes led to the choice of these delightful French songs, all of which he loved and felt he would like to play in his own style.

The selection of a foundation, or rhythm section, was no problem. Naturally, the boys who have always sparked Pete's great style on his previous hit records and TV performances were used - Jack Sperling, the swingin'est drummer, Stanley Wrightsman, the last of the two-handed pianists, and Morty Corb, the bass fiddle player who plays the right notes and the right time. This group can do more in the interest of real imaginative musical backgrounds than most large orchestras.

Then came the first big question; should these songs be recorded with just this rhythm section (as in many of Pete's previous hit albums), or should some new and provocative sounds be introduced to add frosting and excitement. Ours being an era of new sounds in recording, it was decided to add French horn (mais oui!), trombones, a large string section, plus another percussionist, namely Pete's own vibe player, Godfrey Hirsch.

The final ingredient was obvious. Since this was now a large orchestra, there was to be a conductor and arranger. The only man for this dual job was Pete's musical and A & R director, Charles Bud Dant, who has been swinging the baton and writing music on all of his big band recordings since Pete left Lawrence Welk.

Now that you know all the elements, it's time for you to sample and enjoy. Beginning with the first lightly-swinging cymbal beat of "I LOVE PARIS" which saucily opens the album, you will hear this boy from the French Quarter, New Orleans-style, weave his tunefully swinging magic through these sweetest of French melodies. Accompanied by this most unusual orchestra which is part Bourbon Street and part Champs Elysees you will be transported to a petite, picturesque cafe, somewhere in Paris - or the French Quarter in Old New Orleans. You might even get carried away and find yourself thinking "Q'umtorte..." Rough Translation, "what matter where I am, the music is so sweet and yet so exciting, Cherie".

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